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Road Signs UK

The mobile way of learning the British road signs!

Road Signs UK is designed for new drivers who want to understand the meaning of all the road signs and for experienced drivers who just want to refresh their knowledge. Knowing what road signs communicate is a vital part of driving and essential if your goal is to pass the DSA theory test.

iPhone-friendly interface

Road Signs UK features a smart and user-friendly interface that minimizes the amount of scrolling and clicking. All the questions in the Road Sign Quiz fits in one screen and you are automatically transferred to the next question when you have answered one. You are also able to easily skip back and forth in the quiz and change or review your answers.

The Sign-clopedia

The Sign-clopedia contains all the 661 official road signs you come across in the UK. The road signs are divided into the same 18 categories used by the Department for Transport and each sign is displayed with an image and the official description.

The Road Sign Quiz

You have the option to start a quiz with 10, 20, 30 or 40 questions; to pass you need to score a minimum of 80 percent. There are over 200 different questions of varying difficulty and style, each with one correct alternative and three incorrect alternatives. The order of the alternatives is randomized to further vary the questions and increase the level of difficulty.

Resume your quiz

Your quiz is continuously saved which allows you to resume it whenever you want after receiving a call or exiting the application in the middle of quiz.

Clearly displayed results

Once you have completed a quiz you can review a detailed overview of your performance. Each question is displayed with the road sign, all the alternatives, your answer and the correct answer.

Quiz Stats

The application saves your quiz results which allow you to track your progress. The Quiz Stats shows the number of quizzes you have completed, how many you have passed, your best score and time and your average score and time.

Challenge your friends

The integrated Facebook and e-mail function allow you to easily share your results or compete with family and friends.