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Scuba Exam

Learn about scuba diving on your iPhone

Scuba Exam will help you pass any Open Water Diver course in the world by teaching you basic diving theory and quizzing you on it. Even if you already have a dive certificate Scuba Exam can help you refresh your knowledge in a fast and fun way!

The content of Scuba Exam has been reviewed by Lars Johansson, one of Sweden's most knowledgeable divers with more than 1000 logged dives and over 20 years of experience as a dive instructor.

The scuba quiz

The Scuba Quiz focuses on basic scuba diving theory. It contains over 250 illustrated questions that aim to teach you everything you need to know to pass the Open Water Diver theory exam. Several questions are accompanied by full-screen images that relate to that particular question.

Scuba Exam also contain a separate Dive Table Quiz with questions on how to interpret dive tables and how to plan your dives.

Diving theory

Scuba Exam contain an extensive and easily navigated section with scuba diving theory that will provide you with all the basic knowledge you need in order to be as prepared as possible for any Open Water Diver course.

Divided into 18 different chapters, the Diving Theory guide includes chapters on air pressure, safety, dive tables, buoyancy, gas laws, hand signals, diving etiquette, scuba equipment and much more!

iPhone-friendly interface

Scuba Exam features a smart and user-friendly interface that minimizes the amount of scrolling and clicking. All the questions fit on one screen and you are automatically transferred to the next question when you have answered one. You are also able to easily skip back and forth in the quiz and change or review your answers.

Terms and expressions

Scuba Exam also contain a comprehensive list of explanations and definitions of expressions commonly used when scuba diving. You can read through the list in alphabetical order or search for a particular word or expression.

Resume your quiz

Your quiz is continuously saved which allows you to resume it whenever you want after receiving a call or exiting the application in the middle of a quiz.

Clearly displayed results

Once you have completed a quiz you can review a detailed overview of your performance. Each question is displayed with each of the alternatives, with your answer and the correct answer clearly indicated. Many questions also feature a short educational explanation of the theory behind the answer.

Quiz stats

The application saves your quiz results which allow you to track your progress. The Quiz Stats shows the number of quizzes you have completed, how many you have passed, your best score and time and your average score and time.

Challenge your friends

The integrated Facebook and e-mail function allow you to easily share your best scores with family and friends who are also learning how to scuba dive.